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Spaceman’s Dilemma

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Discover our latest albums!

Contemplation, solo piano album now on iTunes.

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Spaceman’s Dilemma, now FREE on iBooks.

The world is being shaped and opened to new found freedoms inviting all to exercise their right to choose.  More

Get more facts about our story and history.

Who is The Pine Needle Man™? Is he a children's book character? A ballad song? A myth or a real life person?  More

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Songart™ 37

“Now that’s a pretty sight, the water and the woods at twilight, and being with you, my Pretty Lady.”

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Songart™ 38

“When you’re walking through the clouds, there’s no other thought but love allowed. Are you listening? Are you listening? Are you listening for that perfect song?" 

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A Mythical Story

Excerpt from The Song of The Pine Needle Man™, a fictional story…

“We are the prisms of the world. To brighten the color we flee from imperfection. The clearer the vision, the wider the spectrum.”

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Our Products

The Pine Needle Man™ songs are more than just music. They are linked to 100's of artworks, scores of books, and multiple musical projects, each focused upon your spiritual health and well being.

365 Lyrics / 100 songs

365 Lyrics™ is being readied for publishing in 2023-2024 with 12 volumes of select lyrics from The Pine Needle Man™ original music library with art, music, and  literature for each and every day of the year.

Inspiration Galore

We were all made to be as familiar with the wonders of spiritual life as we are with our natural selves. Now learn what inspiration can teach you through discovering the many wonders life was designed for!

Next Gen Kids

Building character within the next generation begins with lessons learned in early years. Look for character building books, games, toys, and more with the release of The PNM fictional stories.

Daily Input

Adults and children both rely on positive daily input for their sense-of-well–being. Find out about the positive, life giving program that adds vitality to your life, one day at a time.

Original Art

The purpose of art is to inspire at the deepest level. This is the way inspiration works inside to change things. When it does, the world is elevated and changed for good.

It’s Really About You

Life is an interconnected set of interactions, each helping you  discover a higher and brighter potential. Could this be a time for learning how to hear the sound of a more perfect song?

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Travel with us in music and our values based message over the coming decades. Your support will help create a "triflection experience" in the world. Find out how!

About Us

Our consistent theme.

PNM Music is the publisher for The Pine Needle Man™ original music anthology. Our focus is about the inspired. In our music and soundtracks produced for albums, EP and standard songs, fiction, nonfiction, children’s literature, artworks and other values based projects, we focus upon inspiration and the positive influence it brings to society.

What does it mean to be inspired? What is inspiration and why does it appear? How can we know true inspiration? Can we influence its presence or understand its meaning? If we could experience inspiration in our lives on a daily basis then we would be the lucky ones. But since the discovery of inspiration and our awareness of its presence is a learning experience, perhaps our music and the content it promotes will encourage new and inspired awakenings as never before.

Music is a gift, a helper given for our journey through life. It opens connections to innate values at the core of our nature. When it is the right kind of music it motivates us, speaking with a stillness heard by a self appreciating presence deep within. This is why music is magical. It permeates our invisible walls and barriers, bringing peace, and if we are willing, new direction for our lives.
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You may have wondered about the meaning of life or if you are living the dream you were created for? If you have asked if there is something more, something of a deeper value, our music and its unfolding themes could be of vital importance.

Why not listen in the private enclave of your own honest inquiry? The melody our music sings inside you could be the new song you have been searching for.