Spaceman’s Dilemma

By The Pine Needle Man™

Spaceman’s Dilemma

Discover the true purpose behind life’s amazing journey. Begin the search now. Listen to the song. Read the book.

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Original Song

Spaceman’s Dilemma, the song, is the soundtrack for The Official Multi-Touch Book, Spaceman's Dilemma, designed for iPads and iPhones. The lyrics provide a framework for ten chapters focused on spiritual growth and development. Nineteen original artworks by the author, twenty-one Principles in spiritual growth and eighty-four biblical references for deeper study highlight the work.

In your search for freedom if you are wondering how your life relates to the bigger picture, Spaceman's Dilemma, delivers answers to many of the questions about the deeper meaning of life and your place in it.

Multi-Touch iBook 

Have you ever needed a guidebook or a source book to help you unravel life's mysteries? Now you can understand the real purpose behind your existence.

Spaceman’s Dilemma, Exploring New Fontiers In the Exercise of Human Liberty, will help you build a solid foundation toward achieving your highest goals and dreams. Awaken new insights and discover vibrant spiritual truths that await to open their doors of freedom to you in moment-by-moment inspiration.

Spaceman’s Dilemma, the Official Multi-Touch Book for iPhones, iPads, laptops and desktop computers is now available for a limited time FREE on Apple Books.

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  • 12:45 sec. EP song

  • 10-chapters, 39,152 words

  • 21 Principles in Spiritual Growth

  • 19  Original Artworks

  • 84 References

  • EPUB version coming soon!

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Designed for iPhone, iPad, and computers.

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