Cloud Walking

By The Pine Needle Man™

Cloud Walking

“Soon you’ll be floating all the while, with flying on your mind.”

12:25 sec. EP coming soon. Play demo here…

The EP Song

Cloud Walking, a new EP song scheduled for release in 2022, is a 12:25 sec. album song. From a 100 song /10 album original music library, Cloud Walking presents the music theme for a second Multi-Touch Songbook™ by The Pine Needle Man™. Look for its release on iBooks in 2023.

Cloud Walking is also produced as a Live Performance recording. This 13:37 sec. EP is on iTunes as Songart™ 38. The same song, but with a different recording style, listen to this derivative work on this website or on iTunes.

Type III- Instrumentals are also produced from this song as grand piano meditative backgrounds supporting the art, music, and literature of, 365 Lyrics™, a 365 day lyrical journey, and Songart™ original art impressions from Art with Values™.

Discover the art, music, and literature of The Pine Needle Man™ and see what the common thread is that runs through all the works. Can you discover the secret?

Soon on iBooks…

The Official Multi-Touch Songbook™for Cloud Walking will be published by Triflection Press™ in 2023. Cloud Walking, the EP music release will be available in 2022.

Sequel to the first published Songbook™ , Spaceman's Dilemma, Cloud Walking the Multi-Touch Book will also include original artworks, an EP song, music video, and a special deep immersion bonus song 30:20 sec. in length.

Cloud Walking… look for the EP song and the Multi-Touch Book on iTunes and iBooks.


  • 12:25 sec. EP coming to iTunes

  • The Official Multi-Touch iBook

  • 30:20 sec. EP bonus deep theme immersion song. Coming in 2019.

  • Limited Edition Art, Posters & more

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