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Magic of Myth

Myths, Parables, Fables, Folklore… and their place in human history.

The Mystique of Fiction

What is it about a good story that sparks human curiosity? Is it our inner search for meaning? Is it the innate need to bring order to our reality? How do the exploits of hero figures become so easily entwined as role models for our social structures? Behind our love for a mythical tale and an epic adventure, there may be a real hunger for inner reflection, personal development and self improvement. We often seek to bolster our own worth, by emulating or comparing ourselves to others. Could this be the reason why mythical tales are so deeply rooted in every world culture?

The Song of The Pine Needle Man™,  is just such a myth. It addresses the primal need inside of nature to connect and become more. Using the mystique of a fictional tale, and the power of Inspiration, our ballad song became a fanciful fable, a myth and a parable, able to change the course of history for a fictional time in, Wine and Dine Land™. Starting at a personal level, its influence would soon grow to color and vitalize all of the fabled countryside. And here was found the substance for a luminary and most noble mythology.

So this is the story of how Wine and Dine Land™ and, The Pine Needle Man™, would become purveyors of truth. With a charge to, "teach the citizens of the land to sing, until each one within themselves finds their own king", this mythical tale evolved as most do, with a great challenge and its subsequent need for a revelation to solve its riddle.

Using original art, music, and literature, stored up from over four decades of development, the story unfolds with an invitation to follow the inspiration found in the lyrics and songs. This would set forth a fanciful tale enlightening the way for a lyrical journey, uplifting the land, and filling the lives of all who partook in the adventure with the sweet savor of an inspired presence. 

Alongside a delightful cast of characters, and multiple lessons drawn from nature's feasts, The Pine Needle Man™, uses inspired songs as an invitation to seed virtues within the hearts of the citizens. Lyric by lyric, he shows the way for mastering a series of values oriented tasks and games, and all along a collection of lyrical content is filling each player's, Songbook™. Toys, lyrical puzzles, memory games and more, offer virtual choices and experiences, each enhanced by new and never before seen, artworks, music, and lyrically inspired stories.

As you join in this adventure game of learning, you too can become a master in your own right, helping to turn the tide of darkness to light. As you fulfill your very own, Story of Life, you become a part of the fictional story as well, working alongside, The Pine Needle Man™, in teaching the citizens of, Wine and Dine Land™ about their own treasure troves, hidden away in celestial and light filled royalty.

And still to this day, if you're traveling through that land, if you listen very carefully you might hear the voice of The Pine Needle Man™; as he teaches each heart to lift its song to the wind, in a prayer that someday the world might learn to sing.

Nonfiction as an Instructive Model

The Pine Needle Man™, is the lead character in a delightful, fictional song and story, It is also the pseudonym utilized for a nonfictional, real-life program, seeding values and character development in society. Using the pseudonym as a branded imprint to publish art, music, and literature, the model creates many values based impressions, each one reflecting on the deeper meaning and purpose behind life.

At the heart of both the fictional and real-life models is the theme, "teach the world to sing". It invites the presence of Inspiration to join alongside human effort, fulfilling a more virtuous life cycle… Love to love… love to Love. This priority adds the missing link in human development, connecting the circle of life, and making it complete.

Spiritual life has always been a mystery. It was made this way, primarily because spiritual life is unknowable to the human natural senses. Yet, spiritual life is the key to improving and elevating both the natural and the spiritual elements of life. Our human nature was designed to be as comfortable with its spiritual side, as it is with its natural side. Yet, spiritual life being a mystery, requires a discovery and learning process, to complete the maturing of understanding required in human development.

Music was sent to help in this process. Its capacity to open the deep recesses of the soul and to align them with the spirit is a real and tangible phenomena. Music and the inspired arts provide set apart moments prepared for contemplation. These are the scents, the colors, the effervescence needed to draw the soul onward and upward. This coupling of music with the wisdom of  inspired lyrics and the mythical tale, are pathways toward a brighter day and a more livable and promised tomorrow.

Join us on the journey of this launch of our unpublished libraries of art, music, and literature. Send our inspired creations out into the world, now set apart and awaiting their chosen and appointed time.

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  • Lead Fictional Character (licensable)

  • Fictional Story / Metaverse (licensable)

  • Children’s Books Series (50+)

  • Nonfiction Adult Education

  • Digital Songs (Albums, NFTs)

  • Digital Books (iBooks, NFTs)

  • Digital Art Galleries (licensable, royalties)

  • Character Building Toys, Games

  • Worldwide Websites

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