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The Pine Needle Man™

Magic of Myth

Myths, Parables, Fables, Folklore… each has its place in the history of world cultures.

Mystique of Fiction

What is it about a good story that sparks our curiosity? Is it our inner search for meaning? Is it the innate need to bring order to reality using the psychology of hero figures as role models? What is the driving force behind our love of mythical stories and epic adventures? And why have these stories rooted themselves deeply in every culture worldwide?

The Song of The Pine Needle Man™ is a story that addresses this primal desire inside human nature. Using inspiration and the mystique of a fictional story, a fanciful tale a fable, a myth, a parable is able to change the course of history… here is found the substance of luminary and noble mythology.

And so it was in the not so distant, yet still so faraway world of Wine and Dine Land™ that The Pine Needle Man™ would be called to "teach the citizens of the land to sing, until each one within themselves finds their own king". This charming tale opens a mythical storyline inviting inspiration and the magic of songs to enlighten the way for a lyrical journey designed to change lives and in doing so to improve the world. 

In multiple songs and character building lessons from nature it is a tale full of enchanting characters, inspirational songs and the development of values based games, toys and more. 

And still to this day, if you're traveling through that land, if you listen very carefully you might hear the voice of The Pine Needle Man™; as he teaches each heart to lift its song to the wind, in a prayer that someday the world might learn to sing.

- The Song of The Pine Needle Man™

Nonfiction as an Instructive Model

The Pine Needle Man™ is a character from a fictional story, but it is also a pseudonym used in a nonfiction, real-life model used to publish art, music, and literature for a 21st century world. As an artist, musician, songwriter-author, The Pine Needle Man™ creates art, music and literary expressions reflecting upon the deeper meaning of life.

It is in the expression of "teaching the world to sing" that inspiration comes alongside to fulfill the work. Spiritual life has always been a mystery, primarily because the substance of spiritual energy is invisible to our natural senses. Yet, spiritual life is the key to improving and elevating both the natural and the spiritual sectors of life. Our human nature was designed to be as comfortable with the spiritual aspects of life as it is with the natural. Yet, it is a discovery process.

The nature of music is created to help in this process of discovery. Music's capacity to open the deep recesses of soul and to align the soul with the spirit is a very real phenomenon. Bridging barriers of intellect and language, music opens us unto realms of anointed experience. This is what inspiration is about. Performances of music gliding in upon the wings of spiritual energyoffer a key for opening doors and beckoning inner recesses.

Why not choose to open to the melodic invitations inside you on a more frequent basis, allowing the presence of inspired moments to fill your being? Could this be one of the reasons why you and music were both created?


  • Fictional Character (licensable)

  • Fictional World (licensable)

  • Children’s Books Series (50+)

  • Adult Education

  • Digital Songs (iTunes, websites)

  • Digital Books (iBooks, Websites)

  • Digital Art Galleries

  • Character Building Toys, Games

  • Worldwide Websites

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