Travlin’ Songs

By The Pine Needle Man™

Travlin’ Songs

A Collection of songs from a Countryman’s view.

10 albums /100 songs

Tumblin' Round Cow Country is album one of a 10 album Songbook™ series inspiring discovery of spiritual life resident in the human condition. The Songbook™ Performance series is recorded with multiple live performances of nine songs over the course of a year. Titles reminiscent of a Countryman's point of view paint a picture of the search for meaning and a longing for the deeper truths of life.

On the Road In Canada, Prosperity, I Must Be Looking for Love, Flip A Coin and five other titles make up the album's content. Listen to the various live performance samples over the course of album production during 2022 and vote your favorite cuts to include in the final mix.

Multi-Touch iBook

Each album in the Songbook™ series is designed as a Multi-Touch Book with unique multiple features designed for launching conversations about the album's content and the deeper meaning of life.

Join us on a journey of discovery as we launch the first of ten albums in a series of works leading from the natural to the spiritual.

Listen for free on this web site or make the music your own by buying on iTunes.


  • Album 1 of 10 

  • 9 songs / 1.5 hours

  • Multi-Touch Book for iPad, iPhone

  • “LIVE  WIRE” Web Forum

  • Become a Scribbler. Join the Artist for live performance Concerts coming in 2022.


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