Songart™ 38

By The Pine Needle Man™

Songart™ 38

When You’re Walking Through the Clouds

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Are You Listening for that Perfect Song?

Songart™ No. 38 is available as an EP song on iTunes. This free flowing extended play song is meant to inspire a meditative space within your soul and spirit. Synths and strings compliment a live grand piano and vocal performance.

The song presents multiple themes for a 365 day lyrical journey in spiritual growth. Look for the Listening theme in the art, music, and literature of, 365 Lyrics™, a 365 day lyrical series coming soon to the web. Designed to launch a conversation about development of spiritual life in your inner person, the series invites you to a deeper appreciation of life itself.

Look behind the lyrics to a deeper meaning.

Are you ready to encounter your own inner nature in new ways as never before? Are you listening? Are you listening for that perfect song?

See how the spiritual message behind the song applies to your life as you live out simple principles set forth in the lyrics and music. View the art, listen to the grand piano instrumental music or follow along with a narrated reading by the artist in a daily meditative study enhanced by art, music, and more.

Look for 365 Lyrics™, a 365 day lyrical journey, coming soon to iBooks and the web.


  • 13:37 sec. EP song available on iTunes

  • Lyrical source for daily meditative study

  • Original Artworks

  • iPad, iPhone, iMac, etc.

  • Posters, Cards, and more

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