Songart™ 37

By The Pine Needle Man™

Songart™ 37

The Water and the Woods At Twilight

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The Wonder of Nature’s Feasts

Songart™ No. 37 is available as an EP (extended play) song on iTunes. This free flowing live performance is designed to inspire a meditative space within the stillness of your soul and spirit. A vocal and piano performance backed by enchanting synth/string arrangements add a sense of wonder and beauty to the song. 

A series of artworks and a Multi-Touch book to be published on iBooks have both been inspired by the song. Use them as catalysts for development of your spiritual life in your private 21st century world.  

Are you ready to encounter the Pretty Lady of your deepest desires, in your most personal and private moments… by The Water and the Woods At Twilight?

EP Song Inspires New Multi-Touch iBook

Songart™ No. 37 (The Water and the Woods At Twilight) will soon be available on iBooks. This 82-page Multi-Touch book, based upon lyrics from the song, includes a series of original artworks and multiple features to encourage your connection to the bounty of nature's feasts. Searching for the appearance of beauty in the natural world around you encourages you to recognize subtle changes within your own nature deep within. 

Allow Songart™ 37 to become your values based conversation as you consider how the spiritual aspects of nature apply to personal choices you make for daily living. Catapult your journey to new plateaus and a higher, more completed potential.


  • 10:00 sec. EP song

  • Made for iBooks

  • 11 Original Artworks

  • Personal Growth Tutuorial

  • Designed for iPad & iPhone

  •  Posters, Cards, and more

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