By The Pine Needle Man™


A "Living Album" with a time-tested theme.

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“From the natural to the spiritual, this is the course of life.”

We are born, we grow, we take on elements of the natural world around us. But when our eyes are opened to the higher potential for life, we begin to interact differently with our world. New colors and new vistas appear. Interacting anew, we are changed, and our lives take on a deeper, more meaningful beauty.

Beautiful, is the first song in a “Living” album, a collection of  songs descriptive of the faith based journey of life. From the natural to the spiritual, from the uncut stone to a more refined and highly polished reflection of a higher nature. This is the underlying hope behind every unique expression of life. 

“Living” album grows over time.

This album is “living” because it is a growing, changing, maturing life form. Where is it headed? Just like the wind, no one knows for sure, but eventually the hope is unto a finished album inspired by faith based hymns and spiritual songs.

Beautiful , the living album, will grow over time as more songs in a live performance venue are added to this work. Enjoy the first song now and look for new songs in this developing work.


  • 9:22 sec. song, first in series

  • Free flowing, inspirational theme

  • Living album grows over time

  • Live performance, enhanced length

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